The production process of TOBANELLI S.p.A. it starts from various types of aluminum scrap from the scraps and waste of industrial activities, industrial demolitions and mixed collections. These types of waste, after having been checked and verified, are sent to the production cycle according to their specifications. Once the material is sent for processing, it is separated according to the various alloys and to be able to obtain this specific homogeneity, analytical checks are carried out in every part of the production process. The main products can be supplied in various forms, according to the customer’s needs.ente.

White sheets in packs of 5000 series

White thick sheets mixed with 5000 alloys
Available in 45x45x50 packs on pallets
Available in loose packs 55x55x70

Solid white pieces 5000 series

White solid pieces of alloys 5000
Available loose
Shovelable material

Carter without iron

Mixed sorted carter, maximum iron 1%.
Available loose
Shovelable material

White sheets in packs for 6082 alloy

Thickened sheets specific for 6082 alloy
80% thick white
20% thick white with tissue
Available in loose packs 55x55x70
Guaranteed average melting values
Yes 0.50 Max
Fe 0.50 Max
Cu 0.10 Max
Mn 0.5 Max
Mg 0.60 – 0.80
Zn 0.10 Max
Rest aluminum

Painted sheets in 3000 series packs

Painted plates
Painted sheets 80%
White sheets 20%
Available in packs 45x45x50
Guaranteed average melting values.
Yes 0.30-050
Fe 0.50 Max
Cu 0.10 Max
Mn 0.5 Max
0.50-0.80 mg
Zn 0.10 Max
Rest Aluminum

Massive white mixed pieces

Solid pieces of white mixed alloys
35% alloys 2000
35% 6000 alloys
15% alloys 5000
5% 7000 alloys
10% 1000 alloys
Available loose
Shovelable material

Selected 6060 alloy profiles

Selected profiles Lega 6060
Selected sorted profiles
70-80% white
20-30% painted
Available sheared with a maximum length of 50 cm.
Available in packs 55x55x70

Mixed alloy turning

Mixed turning mixed on analysis requested by the customer
Available loose

Turnings ready oven

Homogeneous turnings without oven-ready iron.
Available loose and in packs 45x45x50

Other types of materials are produced or marketed by the company upon specific analysis requests from customers